Monday, November 06, 2006


I forget things. Many things. I even forgot my own birthday, once. That's why I write things down. It started with carrying a book around, but then I started writing on little bits of paper. They were good, but not when I lost them or left them in my pockets just before my clothes were washed.

So now I write on my hands. And my arms, on a good day. It's a lot easier transcribing everything once, just before I get into the shower. If I don't shower before I go to bed, though, my sheets (and my girlfriend, when she stays over) wake up looking something like a dream diary that got drunk and fell asleep with an open magic marker.

Anyhow, something I wrote down recently, but never want to forget, is this quote by Catriona Ross, so here it is, for all webternity (hopefully):

"The idea becomes a dream. The dream becomes a commitment. The commitment becomes a business. The business becomes the expression of the idea. But the idea never stops being a dream."

See you on the 12 side.