Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Letting go is easy.

The Buddha has some wise words. Some of the wisest, in my opinion, are, "Attachment is the source of all suffering.

If you're hurting, it's probably because you're still attached. Maybe it's an ideal. Maybe it's a person. Maybe it's your job.

But if it's an attachment, sooner or later it's going to be challenged, so don't be suprised when it does. Rather consider the nature of the attachment. Is it something you really need, or could you let go of it?

The less we hold onto, the more flexibile we are. And flexibility is never a bad thing.

You've only got so much time. Make the most of it.

As always, stay 12.


Anonymous said...

wise words i know all too well.Is attachment to a person you love with your entire soul, suffering? I think yes and no.Need.

Caly said...

yeah, there's this other guy, a national poet in an obscure European country, who preached to his nation to go through life...with flexibility, unattached. he himself died of heartbreak. the idea is, do you have anything to say if you're not hurting?

fatt said...

the buddha was a fat man who never had sex. he's got some good points, but probably some bad cholesterol, too.

fontbasedR said...

so, how did you square-off against your attachement challenge last week?