Thursday, August 31, 2006

You can't not

There's so much to read/see/hear/touch/taste/smell that sometimes it gets to be overwhelming. That's when I take a deep breath and a step back and remember something smart my friend Tom Taylor told me:

"You've just got to believe all the best stuff will find its way to you."

As smart as these words are, they don't really help too much when you're living in the web, something I'm doing more and more. Having access to so much info is dangerous if you're an addict like me. All I need is one word and I can kiss a few hours away getting to the bottom of whatever subject catches my fickle fancy.

My curiosity knows no bounds, and the web never gets tired of answering my questions, so I have to keep asking.
I can't not. Can you?

Now, here's the call to action: Stay 12

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Caly1979 said...

Stay 12 as in the age? Because that's about when most people start shutting down. Seriously, the curiosity for what's going on only seems to have decreased since then. Now, drowning in boredom due to sensorial deprivation, I'm trying to revert to 12. But I still maintain that channeling my need for knowledge towards the web, as you say you are also increasingly doing, is just a substitute. safety devices and stuff.